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48 hours with Beth Shaw: The Woman, The Myth, The Legend 

I had the honor to spend 48 hours with visionary extraordinaire, founder and CEO of YogaFit. Rewind back to the year 2018 in Houston, Texas where I met the yoga and wellness guru at my first Mind Body Fitness Conference for a Level IV yoga teacher training. I recall attendees catching a glimpse of the […]

YogaFit for Swimmers

Summer’s here, and hot days call us to the water. Whether you are a casual dipper or a serious swimmer, yoga can really help your strokes. Like any repetitive exercise, swimming causes overuse in some muscle groups and under-use in others. Fortunately, if you engage in a variety of strokes, you can lessen this problem. […]

Beth’s Travel Fit Tips

beth shaw yogafit ceo

I’ve seen people lose weight on vacation and, conversely, come back 15 lbs heavier – it’s a choice … choose wisely for your optimal health. Every day is a fresh one to be your best self no matter where you go in the world. Move your body for at least an hour per day on […]

Packing Light, Packing Right

beth shaw pants

I learned a long time ago only to take a carry-on – lost luggage can really ruin a trip. On my most recent trip to Morrocco, many women were victims of “lost luggage” – I have friends who went to Denmark whose luggage disappeared for three weeks. They returned home and still did not have […]

The real trauma


It dawned on me this weekend after a brief shopping trip to a lazy Long Island Summer town turned traumatic:  Not only are people taking out their aggression being the mask police, but they are simply tense, stressed and downright aggressive. How I miss the early days of the virus when people were being nice […]

Together we rise

stress anxiety

We are facing a national mental health crisis of epidemic proportions – one I believe that will be far greater than the health impact of COVID 19 on Individuals. Both depression and suicide rates have tripled. According to a study done by theSchool of Public Health at Boston University[i],the most extensive scale study into the investigation […]

Adopt, don’t shop


I have a rescue dog, Bentley, who was originally purchased by someone else from a pet store in Orange County in 2011. The owners, who never had a dog before, ended up wanting to euthanize him. For those of you who do not know Bentley Shaw, he has his own Instagram Bentley77_. He is a […]

Partnership with born tough fitness clothing brand


We are excited to announce a partnership between YogaFit x Born Tough of Elite Sports! Our brands align in creating the highest level of performance for our customers. Born Tough fitness apparel supports the YogaFit brand in that fitness and health is a lifestyle. Now more than ever, people realize that health is our most important asset. YogaFit’s mission is […]

Five ways to boost your metabolism

stomach ache beth shaw

It’s still early the New Year and many of us may have made a New Years Resolution related to health and wellness. While it’s important to hit the gym, take up a new running program, or countless other fitness resolutions, there are things you can incorporate into your daily eating regime that will help you […]

Make America healthy

stretch woman

Make America Healthy is the new live radio show on VoiceAmerica by Beth Shaw. Ms. Shaw is the CEO and founder of YogaFit, author of four bestselling books, and advocate for a healthy body and mind. On her show, she discusses the many health challenges Americans face and gives easy and accessible tips and tools […]