Is a weekly LIVE radio focus on the mind-body and spirit connections.

Make America Healthy is a weekly LIVE radio show on's Empowerment Channel

Syndicated on seven podcast networks, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Spotify, Sketcher, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn Radio.

The show feature guests who focus on the mind-body and spirit connections, weight management, neurobiology, supplementation, biohacking, meditation, exercise, mental health, and how to deal with anxiety, depression, and trauma from a strong mind and body.

Make America Healthy is on a mission to empower individuals to take on their physical and mental health. Some of the past guests and upcoming guests include Dr. Perricone, Dr. Pam Peeke,  Dr. Edward Group founder of, and Dr. Patrick Porter,

Listen to previous episodes or live every Wednesday at 5 pm EST, Make America Healthy. 


Episode Directory

Febrary 2022

  • 2/23/2022: Protect Yourself From Harmful Rays & EMFs Listen Now
  • 2/16/2022: Creating A Healthy Brain Listen Now
  • 2/9/2022: Let’s clean it up – reboot & rebuild your body Listen Now
  • 2/2/2022: What to do when your body falls apart Listen Now

March 2022

  • 3/30/2022: Unusual Health Hacks Listen Now
  • 3/23/2022: Mental Health & Life Transformation Listen Now
  • 3/16/2022: The Opioid Crisis In America & Prescriptions Drugs Listen Now
  • 3/9/2022: Weight management and the obesity crisis in America Listen Now
  • 3/2/2022: Healthy Relationships. Listen Now

April 2022

  • 4/20/2022: Let’s Be Clear- (Addiction & The Problem With Your Mind) Listen Now
  • 4/13/2022: Be Your Own Life Coach Listen Now
  • 4/6/2022: The Latest Trends In Supplements Listen Now

May 2022

  • 5/25/2022: What Is Biohacking & Why We Need It Listen Now
  • 5/18/2022: When mental health problems go untreated Listen Now
  • 5/11/2022: Anti-Aging & Longevity Listen Now
  • 5/4/2022: Clean Up Your Diet Listen Now

June 2022

  • 6/15/2022: Encore: Weight management and the obesity crisis in America Listen Now
  • 6/8/2022: Turn Back The Clock & Prevent Disease Listen Now
  • 6/1/2022: Neuroplasticity & Brain Retraining Listen Now

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