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Beth offers powerful tools and techniques for healthier and happier living.

Beth believes that wellness is different for everyone, which requires a unique mixture of physical, psychological, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices to accomplish your goals. In her work, Beth draws from a deep well of knowledge in mind-body disciplines, including yoga, meditation, energy healing, anger management, and Ayurveda. Her ongoing exploration into wellness includes biohacking through supplements, biofeedback, and emerging therapies. Beth aims to give individuals the equivalent of a buffet-style of wellness practices to create effective methods for improving one’s life.

‍As a change agent in the field, Beth seeks to support overall wellness and heal today’s most pressing health concerns, including obesity, depression, stress, anxiety, and trauma. As a recovery and health coach and educator, she’s helped countless individuals find their unique prescription for wellness.

A visionary in fitness

As one of the nation’s leading women entrepreneurs in fitness, Beth Shaw has served as the creative visionary of YogaFit for more than two decades. Through the continuous development of her company, she remains at the forefront of the industry, offering innovative fitness programs, certification courses, and specialty trainings. Beth has brought awareness to the power of yoga through her passion as well as her tremendous entrepreneurship. BETH IS AVAILABLE TO DESIGN PROGRAMS AND TRAINING SPECIFIC TO YOUR COMPANY’S NEEDS. CONTACT BETH TO LEARN MORE.

“Taking care of your health isn’t an option, it’s a responsibility.” -Beth Shaw


Beth has been dedicated to health and wellness for more than 25 years. In her podcast, she explores the oldest traditions and latest trends with leading experts and entrepreneurs.


Listen to Beth’s new radio show . Experts guests include best-seller Dr. Pam Peeke, International Wellness Dr. Edward Group, Brain health expert Dr. Patrick Porter, and many more. Tune in and learn how to take control of your health physically and mentally”

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