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It dawned on me this weekend after a brief shopping trip to a lazy Long Island Summer town turned traumatic:  Not only are people taking out their aggression being the mask police, but they are simply tense, stressed and downright aggressive. How I miss the early days of the virus when people were being nice to each other and we are “all in this together”  Now it’s every man for himself and he’d better HAVE HIS MASK ON IN THE RIGHT WAY.

Were we always so aggressive ? Or is the constant stress of the Nation causing us repetitive PTSD, ongoing anxiety, chronic depressing and plain old TRAUMA. This virus is not making me want to leave my house, not because I’m afraid but more that the “ outside world” has gotten so very unpleasant. I’m so grateful I have someone special to share my “ inside time “ with  – because not only the world that I knew ( yoga, fitness, 12 steps, lunches, dinners, meetings, YogaFit conferences, trainings, travel, trade shows ) disappeared, but its been replaced with 1000 zombie Masked Grinch’s that are stealing my joy ( albeit momentary )

There is a technique in psychological warfare where people are kept under repetitive stressful situations for extended periods of time with no knowledge of when it’s going to end. This, I believe is what we are experiencing collectively right now.  And we are all suffering as a result. Chronic stress takes many forms – High cortisol levels, perpetual fight or flight, exhausted amalglya, reduced prefrontal cortex function, and inflammation. Not to mention reduced digested function, higher insulin levels and increased belly fat.

A recipe for disaster.  the blanket of stress is weighted and getting heavier, despite the low death rates of the virus and the beautiful Summer weather. Gone are people’s manners and  their minds !

What can we do ?  Find healthy outlets to reduce your stress levels, yoga, exercise, walking your dog, listening to music, reading, NOT excess drinking, eating, online shopping ( where ya gonna wear it ? )

I hit a wall every few days, ramp up my workout, spend some time alone, read a magazine, allow myself 30 minutes of organizing.

I keep saying it but i’s true – the WORLD NEEDS YOGA NOW MORE THAN EVER !

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