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Beth is passionate about sharing her extensive experience in health and wellness.

Known for her clear, relatable style, and inspiring personal stories, Beth has addressed audiences around the world as a motivational speaker and facilitator. She has presented at many universities, conferences, and Fortune 500 corporations. Beth has made numerous television appearances as well as been featured in the press. Beth teaches internationally at fitness, wellness and health conferences as well presents to small corporate groups, and city municipalities.

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Topics of interest

Beth is available to speak on a wide array of subjects in the field of wellness, and to share her insights and wisdom as a recovery and health coach. Recent talks have included the following topics.

Beth will take you on her journey through years of research, testing and making herself a “human guinea pig” to find the health opportunities that are a must for achieving maximum function in mind, body, spirit and emotion. Beth shares her wisdom and experiences traveling the world to explore and personally test the newest and most promising discoveries in wellness, health and fitness, as well as techniques for healing depression.

Every employer wants a healthy workplace! Discover how to work with your employees to improve worksite wellness, increase employee morale and rejuvenate job satisfaction.

In this compelling lecture, you’ll learn how to give back to the community while making a profit. You’ll also learn why the new world paradigm demands that businesses operate with a heart and soul. Explore what that means and why it will bring profitability.

Learn to put profitable deposits in your health bank. Discover ways to reduce on-the-job stress and create an energetic day, every day!

Explore meditation styles that help reduce stress and clear your mind. Learn heart-opening techniques designed to leave you energized and rejuvenated.

Whether you’re in the fitness industry to teach, you own or partner in a business, or you’re thinking about creating a business, this session will highlight the key steps to becoming successful in an entrepreneurial venture. Beth shares her personal story of how she worked her way to becoming the leader in mind-body fitness education, and the wins, obstacles and experiences that led to her success.

Beth Shaw started a multi-million dollar business out of her trunk. She’ll share her tips, tricks and success stories while you learn the steps you’ll need to take to get your business off the ground.


Yoga as a tool for transformation in the workplace

Discuss and experience yoga tools for making the environment at work a calmer, more positive place to be. This workshop is good for anyone running or working in a corporation. Also great for HR directors, Fitness managers, Group Ex Managers and Team Leaders. Be a better boss or coworker.

Up your game – YogaFit athlete (athlete focused)

Explore the connection between Yoga and sport, and better understand how Yoga can help athletes play hard, play safe, and play longer. Good for instructors, trainers and coaches – learn to be a better athlete with yoga and other mind body fitness disciplines.

Manage your stress & use mind body techniques to re-energize your team

Learn meditation, mindfulness and guided imagery to control stress and tension at work. GOOD FOR EVERYONE.

Senior programming

How to program for the continually-growing Over 55 market. A must for all club owners, operators, group ex managers, instructors and fitness trainers.


Discover how to lose weight and how to keep it off for good. This lifestyle class is good for coaches, trainers and anyone who wants to be holistically healthy.

Meditation & mindfulness

Learn to meditate, be mindful, and gain awareness. Discover realms of consciousness, get calm calm and grounded. Great for everyone.

YogaFit for warriors

PTSD, PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL TRAUMA, DEPRESSION/ANXIETY AND ADDICTION. Help those who are struggling with depression, anxiety and PTSD. Great for coaches, teachers, trainers and anyone who wants to improve their mental and emotional wellness.

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