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I had the honor to spend 48 hours with visionary extraordinaire, founder and CEO of YogaFit. Rewind back to the year 2018 in Houston, Texas where I met the yoga and wellness guru at my first Mind Body Fitness Conference for a Level IV yoga teacher training. I recall attendees catching a glimpse of the goddess, floating across the corridor. Everyone was buzzing with excitement as word got around that she would be teaching the evening yoga class. She delivered quite the punch with her tenacious spirit into that class. Let’s just say she put the ‘fitness’ in Mind Body Fitness Conference. Fast forward to 2024, I just arrived at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. I am getting picked-up by none other than the woman, the myth, the legend from, Beth Shaw. 

I was warmly welcomed to sunny Florida with a hug from Beth. She helped me with my luggage into her sleek, black-out pickup truck and we set off to meet a couple of friends for dinner at a Mexican restaurant with karaoke. Depending on your preference, karaoke was cancelled. Nonetheless, our evening was well-spent connecting with like-minded, ambitious women, sharing good food, insights, depth, inspiration, and laughter. Beth chauffeured me to the cute hotel that I’d be staying for the next two nights. She presented me a bag with a couple of water bottles and a huge homegrown mango. A gracious gesture for which I am grateful. 


We planned to start our next day at 8:00 am. This provided me a couple of hours to prepare mentally and physically for our morning work. The hotel was perfect walking distance to the beach. With my heart elevated and sweat on my skin, I arrived at my meditation destination. I soaked in the moment, listening and feeling the ocean’s breeze. I surrendered in this place of serene beauty. Absorbing the mornings’ sunlight in triangle pose and dancer’s pose, I bowed in gratitude, and ventured back to the hotel for a quick, shivering cold shower.  Beth swung by to pick me up for our short commute to the office. I was greeted by Bentley, Beth’s beloved pet dood who was riding shotgun until I took his seat. He was a good boy and sat on my lap for our joy ride to the YogaFit office. What a caring and kind host-she handed me a delicious protein and mango smoothie!

I was in awe walking into Beth’s office. Prestigious accomplishments adorned her whole wall with university degrees, recognition plaques and awards, certifications, newspaper headlines and articles. The opposite wall was embellished with an array of books arranged by color. There were a handful of books I instantly recognized as they too sat on my bookshelves at home. This included copies of her best sellers and her beaming smile gracing the front cover of a couple of magazines. Beth is personable and caring as evident in the initial hours, but remember she packs a punch and brings the fitness into her art. Whether the art is teaching yoga or the art of business management, Beth’s strengths include sparking a light within you from the very fire that drives her passion for healing humanity. We are also feeling the burn of that flame after 10-minute strong rounds of chair pose to flight-of-the-bird pose. -If you know, you know. Witnessing showcasing her brilliance, innovative thinking, and tenacity raised my curiosity, confidence, profound admiration and utmost respect. It’s clear that she is not resting on her laurels. I was proudly working alongside a highly successful, business savvy woman. 

My arrival to Florida coincided with the Florida International Medical Expo. Beth had two tickets and I immediately said yes as I work within the healthcare setting as a yoga therapist. Mid-morning, Beth and I headed south to Miami for an adventure, bumping to EDM for an extra boost of energy. We captured a few pictures with Instagram worthy, large block letters representing the acronym F.I.M.E.. After all, did we even attend without pictures? Bentley was star of the show as his charm was admired by everyone in his presence at the expo. We wrapped up our time in Miami and made a pit stop for a quick lunch break. Beth inquired my preference for food, listing off different Asian cuisines as we share a love for our Asian culture. 

Vietnamese for the win! 

We arrived back to the office to review and finalize our work. Finally calling it a day, we went to the neighboring Japanese market for refreshing green tea. Beth offered me to attend an evening social event with wine, but I politely declined as I needed to get some physical activity in and call it a night with restful sleep tomorrow’s big day. 

It is the morning of International Day of Yoga and the soft opening of the BeYogaFit studio! How exciting?! I grabbed my yoga mat and had a brisk, energizing walk to the studio for the Wellness Meetup at 8:00 am. The studio was lovely with its natural light, decor, and flooring. The perfect place for yoga classes. After getting acquainted with others in the wellness industry, it was show-time! YogaFit was streaming live on Facebook for everyone to participate in celebration of International Day of Yoga as well as the soft opening of the BeYogaFit studio. Beth led an encouraging and balanced yoga class, allowing all participants to bliss-out in shavasana on our yoga mats. Wait, no flight-of-the-bird pose flow? -I say this adoringly! As we approached lunch hour, Beth suggested a Vietnamese restaurant located conveniently next door to the studio. The place had a cool vibe outlooking the Old Floridian style streets and buildings surrounded by natural, blooming beauty. Beth and I discussed our next steps in business-related matters while sharing in delight of the fresh salmon spring rolls and prime beef pho. Being a foodie, it was delectable! Next up, a trip towards the Everglades to check-out a biohacking center for cryotherapy, red light therapy, vibrating plates, adaptive resistance exercise training, and Nanovi. -Oh my!  We listened to inspiring and educational podcasts on our zippy trip. Our thirst for knowledge is insatiable!  

It was my first time for cryotherapy, and I felt completely invigorated! Beth works hard and plays just as hard all in the interest of humanity’s well-being. My time with Beth was coming to a close as we then made our way back to the airport. 

Exchanging our farewells and a goodbye hug, Beth sent me on my way back home feeling nurtured, seen, heard, and boundless in my potential. I had the great honor to spend 48 hours with Beth Shaw, the woman, the myth, the legend. I witnessed first-hand the supernatural capabilities of an immensely hardworking and dedicated goddess serving internationally for the highest good of all. I extend my deepest gratitude to Beth for this invaluable gift of an enlightening experience. The pure divine light within me recognizes and bows to the pure divine light within you. ~Namaste.