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I’ve seen people lose weight on vacation and, conversely, come back 15 lbs heavier – it’s a choice … choose wisely for your optimal health.

Every day is a fresh one to be your best self no matter where you go in the world.

  1. Move your body for at least an hour per day on your trip – at the gym or in a class. Remember, long walks are just icing on the cake of your fitness program, and you can outeat any fitness program, as mentioned in my book YogaLean.
  2. Wear black clothing – you won’t show sweat on long walks, plus you will feel sleek and stylish – check out YogaFit’s selection here. Save 10% on all anniversary merchandise with code TRAVEL2023. Bring a hoodie sweatshirt – plane rides can be excruciatingly cold.
  3. Listen to relaxation music and meditate every day to reduce stress- especially on the airplane.
  4. Limit your intake of bread, pasta, rice, and cereal.
  5. Consider skipping breakfasts for intermittent fasting – especially if it’s a typical hotel breakfast – save your calories for the good local food and drinks.
  6. Check out the local fitness offerings at every destination.
  7. Bring a rehydrator (electrolytes) in small packages – great for avoiding heatstroke and for hangovers – I had to administer water with salt and lemon to several less fit people on our trip to the Moroccan desert who were suffering from heatstroke.
  8. Do YogaFit and bodyweight exercises in your room. Inversions are great for jet lag and hangovers. Subscribe to our YogaFit Instructor Network for on-demand classes all over the world.