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I learned a long time ago only to take a carry-on – lost luggage can really ruin a trip. On my most recent trip to Morrocco, many women were victims of “lost luggage” – I have friends who went to Denmark whose luggage disappeared for three weeks. They returned home and still did not have their bags.

Here are my tips for packing:

  1. Choose a color scheme – I like to go with all black and perhaps some tan or white for accent colors.
  2. Mix and match – make sure all bottoms can go with all tops
  3. Pack a few scarves, inexpensive mala beads, and necklaces- accessories don’t take up much space. Leave expensive jewelry at home.
  4. Pack fabrics that don’t wrinkle – linen and silk can be challenging. As I found out in Morrocco- not every hotel has irons in the room.
  5. Use cubes to pack and put like-minded items – workout clothes, pants, tops – in their own cubes.
  6. Use a backpack as a second carry-on – I made the mistake of taking a large tote to Turkey, and I felt like a pack mule – it was clumsy and cumbersome.
  7. Consider purchasing travel clothes from Anatomie – their Kate Pant is the only thing I will wear on a plane – big pockets for passports are a plus, and you will arrive at your destination looking sharp and fresh.   Save 20% with code YOGAFIT20 on all items.
  8. Put all items in your backpack into smaller bags for easy access and organization.
  9. Pare down on your supplements and put them by categories in small plastic ziplock bags. Ramp up on all immunity-boosting pills – My favorites are from GlobalHealing.com – iodine, Super C, probiotics, and their digestive enzymes are a must. Use discount code YOGAFIT to save 10%. I also always travel with DOterra’s essential oils – On Guard, Peppermint, and Lavender.
  10. Make a separate small bag for airplane essentials – headphones, socks, eyemask, pills, moisturizer, and lip balm – no digging needed.
  11. Pack a sweater no matter where you are going and leave your old jeans behind – you want to look your best anywhere you go, and they take up a lot of space.
  12. Pack fewer shoes – athletic shoes, sandals, and fashion sneakers  – shoes take up a lot of room.
  13. Take photos of all your essential travel documents, passport, and credit cards in case of loss or theft.
  14. Be careful in foreign countries walking around with your head down in your phone- many of my traveling friends have had their phones stolen right out of their hands.
  15. Pack an open mind and the spirit of non-attachment to things. Let go of anything “being” a certain way.