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The real trauma

It dawned on me this weekend after a brief shopping trip to a lazy Long Island Summer town turned traumatic:  Not only are people taking out their aggression being the mask police, but they are simply tense, stressed and downright aggressive. How I miss the early days of the virus when people were being nice […]

Together we rise

We are facing a national mental health crisis of epidemic proportions – one I believe that will be far greater than the health impact of COVID 19 on Individuals. Both depression and suicide rates have tripled. According to a study done by theSchool of Public Health at Boston University[i],the most extensive scale study into the investigation […]

Adopt, don’t shop

I have a rescue dog, Bentley, who was originally purchased by someone else from a pet store in Orange County in 2011. The owners, who never had a dog before, ended up wanting to euthanize him. For those of you who do not know Bentley Shaw, he has his own Instagram Bentley77_. He is a […]

Five ways to boost your metabolism

It’s still early the New Year and many of us may have made a New Years Resolution related to health and wellness. While it’s important to hit the gym, take up a new running program, or countless other fitness resolutions, there are things you can incorporate into your daily eating regime that will help you […]