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YogaFit for Swimmers

Summer’s here, and hot days call us to the water. Whether you are a casual dipper or a serious swimmer, yoga can really help your strokes. Like any repetitive exercise, swimming causes overuse in some muscle groups and under-use in others. Fortunately, if you engage in a variety of strokes, you can lessen this problem. […]

Beth’s Travel Fit Tips

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I’ve seen people lose weight on vacation and, conversely, come back 15 lbs heavier – it’s a choice … choose wisely for your optimal health. Every day is a fresh one to be your best self no matter where you go in the world. Move your body for at least an hour per day on […]

Packing Light, Packing Right

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I learned a long time ago only to take a carry-on – lost luggage can really ruin a trip. On my most recent trip to Morrocco, many women were victims of “lost luggage” – I have friends who went to Denmark whose luggage disappeared for three weeks. They returned home and still did not have […]